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Mary Ann W.

Schooner is a big fan of Honest5 PB cookies
My dog Schooner loves Honest5 Peanut Butter cookies! They smell delicious! I love the fact that Honest5 dog cookies made with all natural ingredients and no added preservatives.

Raquel L.

Lots of Hearts for this product
Love the product! This is a must purchase for me always cute and healthy design for the puppies.

Sebastian R.

The pup loves them!
Not only does my dog love the treats but I feel happy knowing my dog is also eating quality food!

Ginger M.

My dog Libra loved the peanut butter treats! Heck I wanted to eat them myself when I opened the bag! They smell like grandmas fresh baked cookies! I feel really good about giving them to her because of the all natural ingredients. I would definitely purchase them again.

Todd Q.

Amazing product
My dog absolutely loves the sweet potato ones! Once she hears/sees me opening the bag she runs up to me, sits down while her tail is wagging a million wags per second, and waits for me to give them to her. Will buy again and try the other ones.

Lindi S.

My dog absolutely loves these.
My dog absolutely loves these. ❤️❤️

Abby B.

Pugsley's new favorite treat!
I first received a bag in a care package from Steadfast Supply and couldn't order more fast enough when I saw how much my pup loved them. I appreciate the simple ingredients, that there is not a overwhelming odor like so many other treats, and their softness -- easy to break apart for smaller pups. Highly recommend!

Denis G.

My dog "Sprocket" favorite treat
Sprocket enjoys the sweet potato dog treat very much, Sprocket leads a very busy life, he is our granddog and we treat him to the best food and treats and that is where the sweet potato treat comes in play. Thank you for making a very fresh, organic and doglicious treat

There is food and there is Healthy Food!!

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