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Freshly made in the USA

Food for Dogs

Honest5 uses fresh ingredients that we serve on our own plates! We have carefully portioned each bag’s amount of macronutrients that are specific to dogs’ needs.


Our ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure that each bite contains excellent nutritional value.

Healthy Fat

Our ingredients contain healthy fats that are easily absorbable to support heart and organ health.


Our fruits and veggies contain tons of antioxidants and compound antioxidants.


Nothing beats fresh meat and fish protein. You can see our fresh cuts in every scoop.


Healthy dog poop is as important to us as it is to your dog. We can analyze our dog’s health based on the frequency, smell, and consistency from their waste. That’s why we’ve included healthy fiber sources from fresh green veggies and sweet potatoes.

Choose My Favorite

Honest5 manufacture natural dog food and natural dog treats. Honest5 guarantee your dog will love Honest5 healthy dog food and Honest5 healthy dog treats freshly made in the USA.

HONEST5 great treats when you are on-the-go for every day providing natural and healthy serving of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, healthy fat and fiber.

And don't just take our word for it


"I tried the peanut butter & sweet potato flavor, they were perfect."


"I loved that when I opened the package the Honest 5 treats smelled great. They're soft with a nice texture and I was able to break them apart. My dog loves them and knows exactly where I keep them in the kitchen."


"Thank you for the wonderful dog treats. I have given my dogs some of the peanut butter flavor and they love them! They smell so delicious that I am tempted to eat them too!!"


"Tessa loves the cookies!" "These are so cute ... and I love how easily they break." "They smell fantastic." "Honest 5 is a great name."